Marketing Warfare

Marketing WarfareThere are two kinds of marketing people, in my mind: The ones that have read and understood the brilliant book Marketing Warfare and the ones that haven’t! Marketing Warfare is absolutely the best marketing book I have ever read. Read this and you will understand the meaning of real strategies. Strategies that works. Strategies that have proven to work for thousands of years. How long did you last marketing plan work? 1 year? 2 years? 10 years? If so, you are better than most but then take a look at the millitary strategies presented in Marketing Warfare and think again. These strategies have proven in millions of battles to work.

You may argue that military strategies and marketing strategies are not the same at all. Wrong! Off course we, the marketers, are not trying to actually kill anyone but it’s still a war; a Marketing War. The battleground is the mindset of the users and the enemy is the competitors.

For an old pacifist like me it was a true “battle” to overcome the millitary angle on this book but once I got over it I realized how right the authors Jack Traut and Al Ries are: 2000 years of Millitary Strategy does work! And, it CAN be applied to modern marketing.

Anyway, just read the damn book. I’ll promise you’ll love it 🙂

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